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AIM High

Because getting to, and getting through, college are very different things.

Many Chicago students from under-resourced neighborhoods navigate adult challenges like homelessness, violence, hunger and unpredictable transportation before they even arrive at school each morning. After that, just getting into college is an accomplishment.

AIM High helps Chicago high school students living in historically disenfranchised communities not only get into college but, most importantly, graduate from college ready to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace.

How AIM High works

Students begin the program in 9th grade and remain until they graduate from a four-year college. Unlike other college completion programs, no minimum GPA is required for students to participate.

AIM High matches students with three- to five-person mentor teams and wraparound services.  Mentor teams include work colleagues, faith community congregants, sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, or other volunteers.

Under the guidance of experienced Companies That Care staff, the mentors work closely with the student, the student’s family and trusted adults, and the high school. Each team mentors two students through high school graduation and every step of the transition into and through college.

Why AIM High is exceptionally effective

Whatever challenges – big or small – arise, students know they have someone to count on and somewhere to turn to for practical advice and compassionate encouragement. 

Our highly structured curriculum, together with our comprehensive case management and year-round schedule of interactive activities, dramatically boost student success by:

  • Prioritizing academic readiness
  • Guiding students and parents/guardians through the college search, application and enrollment process
  • Ensuring ongoing access to financial support
  • Cultivating a consistent, intensive mentoring relationship
  • Providing support through college graduation

Students who graduate from college

of low-income students nationally
of all students nationally
of AIM High students

Explore Enhancement Experiences

We also offer several hands-on programs – from college simulation experiences to summer internships to workforce skill development – to help students prepare for college and beyond. AIM High participants and family members are encouraged to take advantage of these additional opportunities.

College Grad with Family

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